Callanos Windstrider

Male Wood Elf- Mage


I am a Wood Elf from Aksala. I was born with an ancestory of dragon, which is why I am a sorcerer. I have green eyes, fair skin, and blonde hair. I trained 2 years in Aksala’s Wizard’s tower. I met my Draconic mentor my 1st summer of Higher School and spent every summer with her, once a dragon attacked and she showed up and helped us defeat it (or we did our best to get out of the way).


Grew up in upper middle class with my mother and father. I am 110 now. I wish to become the best and most powerful sorcerer, I hope to one day to find immortality without dying (i.e. becoming a lich). I am an avid locator of books containing knowledge of any kind, especially spells. I hope my 700 years of life will allow me to find this immortality. I have a Wayvern, named Attor (means gall, poison, or venom). I met him along the road on a quest when I called out a familiar and he came to me.

Quotes: “Never say no to a grinning dragon”

Callanos Windstrider

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