Mask of Creatures

Bonuses to disguise checks


Mask of Creatures…

The mask has characteristics of the creatures it can mask the wearer with.

How it works…

You put on the mask and you physically turn into a a creature allowed by the mask. You can only change up to two size bigger or smaller.

How to add races to the mask…

The mask gains more races by soaking it in the blood of the race desired in the full moon. It must soak for at least six hours. Once finished, the mask has taken on a characteristic of the race just added. Other race features take up less space to make room for the new race.


Once, a powerful mage, Zuil Slandar, wanted to do research on other creatures, but spells eventually wear out and regular non-magical disguises are even worse than the spell. He poured his life work into a mask, but mask after mask failed. Then once, he was fighting a bunch of goblins and was defeated, but not before he fell a few first. As he laid in the ground loosing consciousness, he saw the goblin blood flow over his dropped mask, the bright full moon glistening in the goblin blood. When he awoke, he collected his things and cleans off his mask and notices that it had changed its color and texture to match that of goblin skin, with a few hairs growing out of it. He places it onto his face and he felt his body change, morph, disfigure and his vision started to fade and them come back. Light headed, he looks at his hands and in a bowl of clear water and noticed he had completely changed… into a goblin…

Mask of Creatures

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